General Outdoors

Preparation is key for any outdoor adventure. From sharpening knives to sealing leaky seams, our in-store professionals have the skills and experience to get any adventure seeker set for success.

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Fishing & Outdoors Services

No matter the service, our Gearsmiths get the job done right.

The outdoors puts our skill, gear, and patience to the test with every journey. We use our enthusiasm and expertise to help anyone prepare for it.

Outdoors - Knife Sharpening


We understand the importance of a quality knife and properly sharpened blade. Whether it’s field dressing a trophy buck or filleting a limit of walleye, our in-store experts ensure no one suffers the impact of a dull knife.

Outdoors - Gear Maintenance


The outdoors is unpredictable. It’s part of the lifestyle we love, so we want everyone to be prepared. Well-maintained gear is key, and our in-store professionals repair waders and inflatables, seal tent seams, and waterproof jackets.

Outdoors - Fishing Line Winding


Finding time to spend on the water is tough enough. Why spend the little time you have maintaining your gear? Have our Gearsmith team put line on your reel or repair that broken rod tip. Stop and see us. We’re here so you can be out there.