Gearsmith Shop

General Outdoors Services

Preparation is key for any outdoor adventure. From sharpening knives to sealing leaky seams, our in-store professionals have the skills and experience to get any adventure seeker set for success.

Fishing & Outdoors Services

No matter the service, our Gearsmiths get the job done right.

The outdoors puts our skill, gear, and patience to the test with every journey. We use our enthusiasm and expertise to help anyone prepare for it.

Outdoors - Knife Sharpening


We understand the importance of a quality knife and properly sharpened blade. Whether it’s field dressing a trophy buck or filleting a limit of walleye, our in-store experts ensure no one suffers the impact of a dull knife.
Outdoors - Gear Maintenance


The outdoors is unpredictable. It’s part of the lifestyle we love, so we want everyone to be prepared. Well-maintained gear is key, and our in-store professionals repair waders and inflatables, seal tent seams, and waterproof jackets.
Outdoors - Fishing Line Winding


Fishing line is the critical connection between an angler and his or her catch of the day. With any purchase of line at Gander Outdoors, we offer free line winding by an in-store professional.
Outdoors - Skateboard Assembly

Skateboard Assembly

Even the best skateboard is dangerous without proper assembly. That’s why our in-store mechanics ensure any board purchased at Gander Outdoors is ready to ride before it even leaves the store.
Outdoors - Yakima Rack Installation

Yakima Rack Installation

Proper rack installation is key to safely transporting bikes and kayaks. With training from Yakima, our in-store techs ensure that new racking systems purchased at Gander Outdoors are correctly installed and ready for adventure.