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Shotgun Services



Complete Clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble (rust removal and/or excessively dirty firearms extra)
Pumps Rem 870 or Moss 500 or similar
Autos Rem 1187 & Beretta 391 or similar
Win 97, Rem 11’s, Bwn auto-5's and similar models
Doubles & O/U’s
High grade Doubles & O/U’s with sidelocks

Cut, crown and reset bead (New Bead additional) $50.00
Cut and crown only on single barrels $40.00
Cut and crown O/U or SxS $100.00
Drill and tap for sight bead (one) $30.00
Drill and tap for sight beads (two, same set up) $50.00
Install rifle sights on plain barrel (includes Remington sights and matte bluing) $180.00
Drill and tap for top mounts $60.00
Drill and tap for side mount starts at $60.00
Open choke to your specs (all gauges) price is per barrel $75.00
Open choke on chrome bores (10, 12 & 20) $85.00
Lengthen chamber to 3" $60.00
Lengthen chamber to 3", Chrome lined $85.00
Lengthen forcing cone $60.00
Lengthen forcing cone, Chrome lined $85.00
Replace Rem. 870 ejector & spring without rebluing the receiver
(parts additional)
Includes fitting the rivet flush and rebluing the receiver (parts additional) $120.00
Resolder shotgun ribs (Please see the gunsmith for a quote)
Remove dents and straighten barrels at customer risk (please bring in for quote)
Inlet to drop or raise stock on 870, 11/87, 303, 390 etc.
Convert 29/16" Browning Auto 5 or Win. M 12 to 23/4" $300.00
Open Rem. 870 to 3" Mag. (includes chamber and ejector work) $125.00
Convert Rem. 1100 Mag to shoot 23/4" $75.00
Convert Rem. 1100 20ga. LT barrel to short tang LW style $85.00
Install wire shell catcher in most autos $60.00
Convert Remington common fire control to left hand safety (labor and parts)
(price includes safety & labor)
Repair broken interceptor latch stud in Remington 1100 / 1187
Without rebluing the receiver
Including rebluing the receiver $125.00
Winchester 1200 1300 1400 1500 ejector repair convert Winchester shotgun from old pinned-in ejector to new retainer style (labor only) $75.00
A truly fine raised ventilated rib for your shotgun. Ultra light at two ounces.
Provides a great sighting plane. Rib installation (includes mounting rib and
drilling & tapping for beads, cost of beads is additional)
Rib selection
*Standard rib for mounting to plain barrels, improves your sight plane
*International Rib – lowers mounting position but not point of impact
*International Rib with taper - raises your shooting plane and your point of impact
*International Rib without taper - raises your shooting plane and lowers your point of impact
(frequently requested for sporting clays on over and under shotguns)
All ribs are 5/16” aluminum