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Custom Barrel Work

Gander Moutain uses the following quality barrel manufacturers:
Cut rifled barrels - Krieger, Badger & Channlynn; Button rifled or forged - Douglas, Shilen, Hart & E.R. Shaw

Custom barrel installation package (includes complete cleaning, squaring bolt face and receiver, lapping the locking lugs, threading, chambering and headspacing, standard throating, crown of your choice and standard 320 bluing) $320.00
Economy barrel installation package, includes fitting, chambering, standard crown and bluing
(Available on pre-threaded short chambered barrels only)
Up-charge for single shot rifles like Ruger No.1 $80.00
Up-charge for Win 70 pre 64, Springfields & Enfields (Extractor cut) $80.00
Fluting Starting at $200.00
Duplicate your barrels original contour $120.00
Open bolt face and rails (average cost $150) $80.00
Inlet your stock for new barrel (average cost $60) $80.00
Engrave or electrochemically etch the caliber on the barrel $40.00
Barrel prices can vary greatly depending upon material, contour, caliber, length and twist rates.
1. Before firing a shot, the barrel must be thoroughly cleaned. The bore must be free of any oil and/or packing grease.
2. Fire a single shot and clean the barrel thoroughly. Repeat this five times.
3. Fire three shots and clean the barrel. Repeat this five times. This helps burnish the bore and reduce copper fouling and powder residue buildup.
4. Your barrel is now broken-in and should be thoroughly cleaned after every ten rounds to maintain optimum accuracy.

Barrel Relining


Reline most .22 rifles $160.00
Redman 1-16 twist .22 cal barrel liner 25" (used for LR or WRM) $40.00
Redman 1-20 twist .22 cal barrel liner 25" (used for .22 short) $40.00
Redman 1-16 twist .22 cal barrel liner 32" (used for LR or WRM) $80.00
Redman 1-20 twist .22 cal barrel liner 32" (used for .22 short) $80.00
Convert your bolt action .22LR to .17 Mach II $140.00
Convert your bolt action .22 Mag to .17HMR $140.00

M1 Garand & M1A/M14 Match Barrels


We use premium cut rifled barrels by Krieger
• Manufactured to the same internal and external specifications as all Krieger match barrels.
• 30 caliber, 4-groove in stainless steel or chrome moly steel.
• Stainless barrels are left in-the-white.
• Chrome moly barrels are Parkerized.
• Barrels are completely turned, threaded, and milled with one exception; approximately .010" to .020" material is left on the barrel so our gunsmith can bring it into proper timing when fitted.
• The gas port is drilled into a groove; gas cylinder, receiver threads, feed ramps, and extractor groove are timed off this groove.

M1 Garand

• Available in two patterns: a heavy and a lighter G.I. contour (Mil. Spec. John C. Garand Match Legal).
• Heavy pattern measures 1.100" from the breech until it tapers down to .726" at the front handguard, rear slot.
• Heavy pattern barrels require wood to be removed from the forearm and upper handguard
(see prices for stock inletting for a new barrel on page 6).

M1 Garand Heavy Pattern

Available in SS or CM, 1-10, 1-11, or 1-12 twist. Please specify .308 Win. or .30-06 caliber. (Weight 3.5 lbs.) $370.00 

M1 Garand G.I. Contour

Available in CM only, 1-10, 1-12, or 1-14 twist, .30-06 caliber only. (Weight 2.75 lbs.) $370.00

Fitting M1 Garand Barrel


Includes lapping lugs, chambering, crowning, headspace, polish chamber, and reaming front hand guard and band on gas cylinder to clear barrel. $240.00


• Available in two contours: a heavy pattern and the Marine Corps DMR pattern.
• Heavy pattern is a full 1.000" diameter from the breech to the operating rod guide and continues at .990" diameter forward to the gas cylinder.
• 1" band type operating rod guide included, but not installed with all heavy pattern barrels.

M1A/M14 Heavy Pattern

Available in SS or CM; 1-10, 1-11, or 1-12 twist. 22" length (Weight 3.5 lbs.) $370.00

M1A/M14 Medium Weight Pattern

The same contour used by the U. S. Marine Corps. Only available in SS; 1-12 twist, 22" length (Weight 2.8 lbs.) $370.00

Fitting M1A/M14


Fit barrel to action, includes lapping lugs, chambering, crowning, headspace, and polish chamber; also fitting op rod guide, gas cylinder and flash suppressor. $240.00