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Purchasing Firearms Online at Gander Mountain

Purchasing a firearm from Gander Mountain is a pretty simple task. When you call 1-888-5GANDER (1-888-542-6337), our representatives will help you decide on what type of firearm will work for you, check inventory, get some information, then ring the sale. That part is very easy. The next part is getting that newly purchased firearm into your hands as quick and easily as possible while following all Federal, State, and local firearm regulations.

Using a Gander Mountain Store to Receive your Online Firearm Purchase

There are two ways to have the firearm you just purchased online transferred to you. First, if you are near a Gander Mountain store, we can have the firearm transferred to that store for you to pick up. Gander Mountain follows all Federal, State, and local laws concerning the transfer of all firearms. So, before you actually pull the trigger on purchasing a firearm from us online, check and ensure the firearm you are purchasing has no restrictions for you and that you can fully meet all of the requirements in a lawful transfer of the firearm to you.

If No Gander Mountain Store is Near You, You May Use Another FFL Dealer to Receive Your Online Firearm Purchase

You may reside in a state where there is no Gander Mountain store. If so, there’s no need to worry. The second way to receive an online-purchased firearm is to use a local Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer, known as an FFL dealer. The local FFL dealer receives the firearm; you complete the needed government paper work to satisfy all Federal, State, and local laws concerning the transfer of firearms with that local dealer; and they transfer the firearm into your possession.

Gander Mountain can help you find a local FFL dealer willing to provide this firearm transfer service. Simply call our Sales Associates at 1-888-5GANDER (1-888-542-6337), and they will gladly assist you. Please be aware that these dealers, at their discretion, may charge a transfer fee. If you already have a local dealer that you have previously used for firearms transfers, we will be happy to utilize them. Please work with our Sales Associates to get them set up in our system. After the selected FFL dealer receives your firearm, you will be notified that the firearm has arrived.

When you arrive at the selected firearm dealer’s place of business, take a few minutes and examine the firearm that you ordered from Gander Mountain. Verify it is the firearm that you ordered by checking the make, model, caliber/gauge of the firearm. Then you can begin the process of a legal firearm transfer at your local FFL dealer. If there is an issue with the firearm you ordered, do not complete the paperwork and background check. Please call our customer service immediately at 1-888-5GANDER (1-888-542-6337).


Federal Firearm laws require that the purchaser must be the one to receive the firearm and complete the federal and state paperwork (state if required), background check, and any other laws or regulations governing the transfer of firearms where the transfer is taking place.

Other Pertinent Information when Purchasing a Firearm

There are many websites and agencies that can give you information about firearm laws that will be adhered to when transferring a firearm. Here are a few:



  • You may also inquire via e-mail to our customer service to have your questions answered.

We will do our best to answer your questions, but it is your responsibility to be in compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws regarding firearm transfer and ownership. As stated before, Gander Mountain follows all Federal, State, and local laws concerning the sale and transfers of all firearms and will not tolerate attempted illegal activity on this website or with our Company.

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