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Wood Refinishing

Our shop offers several professional wood finishes, from hand rubbed oil to high gloss lacquer. Please contact us so we can help you choose the correct finish for your firearm.

The following prices include: Stripping of standard finishes, sanding, removal of small dents and nicks, taping off the checkering, finishing, re-cutting the boarders around the checkering and resealing the checkering.

Hand rubbed oil finish leaving the grain of the wood open $240.00
Hand rubbed oil finish, includes completely filling the grain $360.00
Sprayed on lacquer, satin, leaving the grain open $160.00
Sprayed on lacquer, satin, completely filling the grain $280.00
Sprayed on lacquer, High Gloss Weatherby Style finish with grain completely filled $360.00


We now offer Soft-touch finish. This finish is like no other and gives your stock and forend a soft leather feel. The additional grip and comfort this finish provides is truly unique. Softouch applied over existing finish or added to a complete refinishing job.


Each of the following is an additional charge of at least $40.00 and will be assessed at rate of $80.00 an hour.

  • • Oil soaked stocks
  • • Removal of large dents
  • • Crack repair
  • • Stripping epoxy finished like on the Weatherby MkV and some Browning models
  • • Staining if needed

Stock Checkering

The quality of a fine rifle or shotgun is often judged by the checkering. In addition to the functional aspect of providing a firm, non-slip grip of the stock, custom checkering adds to its appearance and value. Care is taken so that the checkering blends with the stock to complement and enhance the overall aesthetic character of the firearm, while allowing the owner a personal statement in its design. All checkering will have sharp, pointed diamonds with no overruns, and be done without borders unless specified. The checkering can be done from 18 to 32 lines per inch, with 24 lpi recommended for rifles, slightly finer for shotguns and accent panels.
Price on Request

Adjustable Combs Installed

Clay Shooters, give yourself the competitive edge by having your stock customized to your sport. A fully adjustable comb or buttplate gives you the correct fit and point-of-impact and will put you right on target every time.
Standard adjustable comb installation $175.00
Soft top adjustable comb installation $225.00
Adjustable comb hardware $45.00

GRACO Adjustable Buttplate

Offers three-way adjustment for perfect gun fit, higher scores and improved shooting comfort. Length, drop and rotation are easily set to any position with Graco’s threaded tube design.
Standard Graco adjustable buttplate installation (labor only) $150.00
Graco adjustable buttplate hardware $70.00

Recoil pad of your choice is additional.

GRACOIL Compression Buttplate

The GraCoil is a compression buttplate with a pad adjusting plate for side-to-side, up and down, and pivotal adjustment. It easily adjusts for light to heavy loads and reduces recoil to a minimum. The length-of-pull does not change when adjusting tension, and maximum stroke length is 5∕16” which produces a response time hardly detected, for no distractions between shots. Moving parts slide on Teflon liners for trouble-free motion. All aluminum and stainless steel construction.
GraCoil installation (labor only) $175.00
Standard GraCoil hardware (adjusts up, down, left, right and pivots) $180.00
Length-of-pull GraCoil hardware (adjusts in, out, up, down, left, right and pivots) $175.00

On both Gracoil units the recoil pad of your choice is additional.

Recoil Pad and Buttplate Installation

A properly fit firearm means better success in the field. Have our in-store Gunsmith help you determine your correct length-of-pull. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.
Standard recoil pad and buttplate installation (labor only) $60.00
Lengthen stock using spacers, additional charge per spacer (labor only) $10.00
Shorten stock, additional $10.00

We carry these top brands of recoil pads: Pachmayr, Sims, Hi-viz and Kick-eez.