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Ice Fishing

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Ice Fishing Gear

Here at Gander Outdoors, we have all the ice fishing gear you'll need to make this the best winter ever! Whether you're looking forward to your annual ice fishing trip or you're spending nearly every day in your ice house, we've got the gear you've been searching for. 


Not only do we carry shelters, sleds, and accessories, to keep you comfortable out on the ice, we also carry augers, rods, apparel, tackle, storage, and safety equipment, so you can have the best fishing adventure possible. 


Gander Outdoors will be your preferred one-stop shop for ice fishing. You’ll find everything you need to get out this winter, whether you’re on your favorite lake or river. At Gander Outdoors, our mission is to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.


We've made it easy for you to find exactly what you've been searching for, with advanced filtering options to help you sort our ice fishing gear by category, color, brand, price range, and ratings.  


Because we try to make it our goal to help you find all the gear you need in one place, we carry all the ice fishing gear you'll want, like augers, shelters, sleds, safety, rods, reels, tip-ups, electronics, filet knives, fishing apparel and footwear, line, tackle and storage, bait storage, and accessories. No more searching around to multiple stores to find everything you need, save your valuable fishing time and get the job done in one place!


We know you value quality, that's why we carry ice fishing gear from reputable brands like VMC, Berkley, Clam, Striker, Simms, Rapala, Northland, Marcum, Lindy, HT Enterprises, Forge, Eagle Claw, and more!


Our dedicated customer support staff of experts are trained to help answer any questions you might have about our ice fishing gear and can quickly assist you in finding any product you’re looking for.


Going on an ice fishing trip soon? We offer a wide variety of shipping options so you can get all the gear you need without having to wait weeks like other known retailers, so you can get out on the ice with your ice fishing gear quicker.