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Camp Trip Essentials

Make the most of your camping experience with camp essentials from Gander Outdoors! Whether you're pitching a tent in your backyard, camping in the mountains, or getting ready for your annual campsite reunion, you'll find everything you need in our camping selection! 
Gander Outdoors is committed to bringing you the best camping experience possible. Keep yourself safe from animals, protect yourself from mosquitoes, store water, start campfires, and keep your belongings dry with all the essentials you'll need and more.
We’re extremely passionate about camping, and that's why we've taken the time to hand-select a great assortment of quality camping essentials from trusted brands so that you can make memories that will last a lifetime. 
Our quality camping essentials come from the well-known and trusted brands you love, including InstaFire, Katadyn, Repel, HydraPak, Sea to Summit, Sawyer, and more! 
When you're busy packing up your core camping items such as tents, sleeping bags, camping furniture, and more, it can be easy to forget the smaller items that are truly essential! Here at Gander Outdoors, we've got all the safety, water, and survival products, knives, tools, insect control, sun protection, cargo racks, and bathroom products you need. The last thing you want is injuries, excessive bug bites, and sunburns during your camping trip! 


Camp Trip Essentials


To make sure you’re fully prepared before you leave home for that camp trip, check out this list of outdoor items:


1.    Survival Kit and Campfire starter
2.    Sunscreen for summer activities and sun protection
3.    Water bottle and filtration for hydration needs
4.    Toiletries and Hygiene items like soap and toothbrush
5.    Food pack for the entire family to share
6.    Flashlight and matches
7.    Light and comfortable clothes and outdoor shoes for summer
8.    Warm clothes like jackets and thick socks during cold weather and rain.
9.    Tent, sleeping bag and weather protection
10.    Bug and Insect repellent
11.    Camper bag, storage items, and beverage cooler

Here are just some of the gear to bring in the checklist that we recommend. But make sure you let people, especially family and friends, know where you plan to camp. Lastly, remember that no camp trip is perfect. What’s important is you have fun and have a trip to remember. 


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Any questions? Our friendly customer support staff of camping experts are trained to help answer any questions you might have and can quickly assist you in finding any product you’re looking for.

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