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Keep safe while having fun in the water.

It’s always easy to enjoy a day out in the water, but safety should always be considered a priority. Having the right apparel is important for boating and water sports. Wet suits, drysuits, and rashguards are some of the common apparel pieces for swimming and watersports. If you want to explore more of the water, certain gear like dive and snorkel gear are important. But no matter what activity or water sport you girls are into, it is always important to have a women's life vest around.


Life vests are considered the single most important piece of equipment to take for boating and watersports. Many could attest to how life vests have saved lives. Boating and watersports have become a lot safer because of life jackets and other personal flotation devices. Life jackets are still important even if you are an experienced swimmer. Unforeseen accidents and injuries may happen in the water and life vests are very handy in such situations. Bad weather can make swimming difficult, but wearing a life vest helps you keep afloat. Even if you can swim, it will be a lot easier to wait for rescue when you are wearing a life jacket.


Aside from keeping you afloat, life vests provide additional benefits:

Temperature control – life jackets are usually made with insulating materials that can help keep you warm while waiting to be rescued in cold water. It is important to keep warm to prevent hypothermia. Being submerged in cold water also leads to impaired physical and mental capabilities. Life vests help minimize loss of heat from the body in cold water.


Buoyancy – life jackets have buoyancy or flotation requirements for children and adults. Buoyancy is the life jacket’s ability to keep the chin or head afloat above the water. Life vests and personal floatation devices should have the buoyancy or weight limit listed on the label.


Impact protection – Some watersports and activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, or getting towed on an inflatable presents risks of impact injuries since you’re moving at high speeds. You can find layers of impact protection on a life jacket designed for such activities. The protective layer isn’t just at the front or back of the vest but is also encircling the torso.


Storage options – Certain jackets were designed with fishing in mind. Anglers often want to carry plenty of items such as lures, leaders, snacks, and other fishing gear. This prompted vest manufacturers to make life vests with built-in pockets to accommodate various items. Most of these vests have the pockets placed in front of the vest, while others have the pockets placed around the waist area.


Know which life vest is right for your boat or sport.


A life jacket is not an optional piece of safety equipment but is a requirement for boats and other marine watercraft. The U.S. Coast Guard has released guidelines on life jackets and PFDs for different categories of vessels and different watersports. Depending on the purpose of usage or the kind of vessel you have, you may be required to use a certain type of life jacket. 


There are five different types of certified life jackets and PFDs. 

A type 1 lifevest is what’s normally used for commercial vessels. These jackets are usually rated with 22 pounds of buoyancy.

Type 2 life jackets are old-style jackets. They are the usual orange lifevests you can find. Type 2 life jackets are inexpensive but can be uncomfortable. 

Type 3 life jackets are those that are designed for watersports like kayaking, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and are also used by sailors, and other boaters. One benefit of type 3 lifevests is it can come in different configurations and are designed to accommodate the needs of different water sports.

Type 4 corresponds to throwable PFDs. A type 4 personal floatation device is a requirement for boats that are at least 16 feet. 

For Type 5, this a category for a life vest that doesn’t fall into categories one to three. Lifevests with unique designs such as inflatable lifevests and lifevests with a built-in harness fall into this category. For more information, please check the official guidelines from the U.S. Coast Guard website.


It’s important to follow the U.S. Coast Guard guidelines on purchasing a life jacket to ensure safety on the water. Aside from making sure that you get the right category for PFDs, it’s also important to check if your current life jackets are still in good condition. If you have guests that will join you in your boat, it’s important that they also get a life jacket that is the right size.


Get the right fit with women’s life vest from Gander Outdoors.


One important factor to consider in a life jacket is the fit. You don’t want something that’s too loose or something too tight that can limit mobility. Women’s life vests are designed to fit the contour of a woman’s body. These provide extra space in the chest area so women can breathe properly while wearing the vest.


Women are also competitive in watersports and having the right gear that fits them perfectly will help them perform better. Here at Gander Outdoors, we offer life jackets for women for a wide variety of watersports and activities at an affordable price. Our product selection comes from reputable brands such as Connelly, Liquid Force, Overton’s and many more. 


If you have questions regarding any product we offer, feel free to contact us through chat or email. Our customer support team would love to help you out with your order.