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Boat Trailer Parts

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Keep your boat and your wallet safe with quality boat trailer parts.

Having a boat trailer may not seem that important unless you want to save a lot on marine storage expenses. But saving money doesn’t mean you can cheap out on your boat trailer. You have to make sure that your boat trailer is sturdy, and your boat trailer parts are reliable or you risk damages to your boat.


Boat trailer parts aren’t that too many and aren’t that complicated, but each part is important nonetheless. Your boat trailer should hold your boat properly. Make sure each guide or bunk is adjusted well to grip on your boat. The winch should be strong enough to pull your boat out of the water and onto the trailer. The rollers should have minimal friction and positioned correctly on the trailer to avoid scratches under the boat.


The trailer wheels, tires, and brakes are also not to be neglected. Make sure to check the tire pressure before loading your boat. After loading, your boat should stay secure on top of the trailer. Don’t forget to put on trailer locks, and sway controls. While on the road, your trailer lights should be functioning properly especially when driving at night.


Here at Gander Outdoors, we offer boat trailer parts from many reputable companies. We carry parts and accessories from trailer guides, bunks, trailer lights, rollers, trailer tires and rims, locks and security, winches, dollies, hitch accessories, etc. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Search for trailer parts by filtering based on category, price, brand, ratings, etc.


If you need information on our boat trailer parts, reach out to our customer service team through chat or email. We’re more than happy to help you with your order or search through our site.  You can also visit a store location near you.