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When it comes to your boat, it's always better safe, than sorry.

It's important to have the right safety equipment. When it comes to boating safety, the U.S. Coast Guard has minimum safety requirements. For recreational vessels, the safety requirements vary according to the length.


There are specific safety guidelines, but the required boat safety kit normally includes visual distress signals, sound producing devices, fire extinguishers, personal flotation devices, engine ventilation, backfire flame arrestor, and more.


Visual distress signals are meant to alert other boats in case of emergencies. They are categorized as either pyrotechnic or non-pyrotechnic. Pyrotechnic distress signals include safety flares and safety flare kits. Meanwhile, non-pyrotechnic distress signals normally consist of LED lighting. 


Your boat should have a horn or a whistle to communicate intentions or signal position. Fire extinguishers are also required. Make sure you keep one that’s fully inspected and certified. Of all the items on the boat safety kit list, life jackets are one of the most important. Other flotation devices like throw cushions, ring buoys, and multi-person life floats are handy as well.


Boats that have enclosed engine compartments are required to have a ventilation system to prevent overheating. A backfire flame arrestor device on each carburetor is also required. Pollution regulation placards are required for boats longer than 26 feet, 


It is also important to have a first aid kit on board. First aid kits contain plenty of bandages, gauze pads, wound dressings, latex gloves, tape, antiseptic solutions and wipes, tweezers, common medicine and painkillers.  Make sure the contents of your first aid kit are replaced regularly.