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Track your next catch with a fish finder from Gander Outdoors

Gone are the days when you have to dangle your line all day waiting for fish. Fish finders are one of the modern tools that have revolutionized fishing for boaters and fishermen. They seem to look like other handheld gps trackers, but these devices have a few tricks up their sleeves. A fish finder uses gps, but on top of that, it also uses sonar to track movement in the water.


So how does a fish finder work? Sonar uses transmits a signal to the water which bounces back with an echo when it hits an object. The instrument then translates the signal into images. To avoid confusion, terrain and objects like corals, stones, and others are displayed differently compared to fish. A lot of fish finders use a fish symbol to tell you if it has detected some.


Navigate your way to the fish with Sonar supplemented by GPS


Most modern fish finders use three instruments to track the location of fish: sonar, gps, and compasses. Combining these three instruments not only provides you the proximity to the fish, but it also shows you the location relative to the lake or river. You get a navigational device and a fish finding device in one. With finders you also get other important information such as maps, water temperature, and depth. Some also allow you to plot waypoints to track fish movement easily and is also handy for navigation.


Fish finders normally come with an lcd or tft screen with menu and navigational buttons. Some new finders even come with a touch screen and can be connected to ios or android phone. Fish finders don’t need cellular connection but can be connected to wifi for some of its features. Like using any digital device, you have to spend a bit of time to learn how to use it properly. But taking the time to learn all the necessary features that you need on these finders are totally worth it.


Here at Gander Outdoors, we offer fish finders from Garmin, Humminbird, Simrad, and other reputable names. If you have questions on any fish finder product we offer, feel free to reach out to our customer service team through chat. We’re more than happy to help you with your order or search through our site.  You can also visit a store location near you if you want to see the device first before making a purchase.