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Don't neglect boat electrical maintenance

You may not be an electrical engineer, but from time to time, you would have to make a few wiring repairs on your boat here and there. Replacing an old wire, checking battery terminals, replacing a busted circuit breaker, and replacing faulty switches are just some of the checks and repairs you must do before you set sail on the water. A boat electrical system works similar to your home’s electrical system, but you would have to use marine-grade wiring, circuit breakers, connections, batteries, etc.


Upgrade your boat’s electrical system


Upgrading a boat’s lighting system is something that’s getting popular lately. Plenty of boaters are now switching to new LED lighting that may use the existing electrical system. Depending on your boat electrical system and the extent of the repairs may require you to seek help from a professional.


Another new upgrade to a boat’s electrical system comes in the form of solar panels and batteries. Solar electrical systems are beneficial if you plan to be out on the water for long days. Instead of relying on the boat’s engine to power appliances, you can have a bigger battery system that’s both connected to the engine and the solar panels.


As an alternative for a power source, some people take a back up generator with them. This is possible, though there are risks involved. First, make sure that your boat has enough space to store a back up generator where the exhaust can escape freely. And more importantly, seek the help of a professional on the grounding system in the event of a short circuit on one of your appliances. 


Boat electrical you can trust


We offer wiring with various size options for any electrical upgrade or repairs. If you’re looking to equip your boat with an additional power source, we offer solar panels, back up batteries, and generators. If it’s boat electrical that you need, we’ve got you covered.