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Don't let too much sun spoil the fun

Everyone wants to feel the sun while out in the water. But everyone knows that too much of it is bad for your skin. Having a bimini top cover is ideal for those long days out in the water. Bimini tops, covers, and more act like a “sunbrella” for your boat. Most bimini tops are retractable, so you can still enjoy the sun when it’s not too hot. Bimini top covers mostly come in soft materials like canvas, or other soft fabrics and come in different colors to supplement the design of your boat. Bimini top covers also come in different sizes and designs depending on your boat and how much you want to cover.


Keeping you protected from the weather is important, but so is protecting your boat. Boat covers protect your boat instruments, controls, interior and exterior from UV rays and rain. Animals and insects also are not able to invade your boat with a boat cover. Lastly, putting on boat covers prevent your boat from getting dirty and helps protect against rust and corrosion. Make sure that your boat cover is in good shape without holes that may tear off during strong winds. Also, avoid using worn-out covers that easily come off your boat. Boat covers should fit your boat perfectly to prevent getting blown away or fluttering endlessly during a storm.


If you want to protect your skin or your boat from the weather, our selection of tops, covers, shades, and enclosures are perfect for you. We carry boat tops and boat cover products from top manufacturers that use quality materials that are up to industry standards. If you have questions about our boat cover products, feel free to reach out to us through our customer service chat. We will also help you with questions about orders, shipping, warranty, etc."